Premium KVM Classic locations and network!

Having servers accross 2 continents allow us to offer variety of locations and needs of our clients. Whether you are in America, Asia or Europe we can offer service closest to your home. We are constantly expanding our network and adding new locations to cover our growing needs!

Select a location for your KVM VPS

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KVM Classic Features

99.9% uptime guarantee

We hate downtime as much as you do! That is why all of our locations benefit from multiple Gbit links for redundancy and scalability along with 99.9% network uptime guarantee from our upstreams & datacenters we host with. Hosting with us, you don't have to worry about service being offline.

Feature rich control panel

Manage your infrastructure from anywhere in the world. Our full-featured customer portal provides complete control over your virtual servers. We regularly update our customer portal with new features and functions.

Up to date hardware equipment

Technology changes and advances on day-to-day basis. We understand that and therefore we use Intel Xeon processors along with enterprise drives configured in RAID10 to provide redundancy and amazing I/O to offer our clients best performance and experience possible.

Various software options

From within our feature rich control panel you can easily, with just one click, install one of many linux based operating systems such as various versions of CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and similar. We regularly update our OS list to accommodate needs of our clients.

Full root access

You get superior control of your virtual private server. We provide full root access with every unmanaged VPS. In addition to that, you can access your VPS through our online console. You are in charge for every process on your VPS.

Guaranteed resources

Your server has Kernel based virtualization (KVM). This provides you total freedom in your Kernel and Software. Additionally, you are able to run your preferred OS no matter if it's Linux or Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your VPS is instantly created when we receive payment, although your order may be subject to additional fraud screening as outlined in the Terms of Service. You will receive your VPS details via email within seconds of completing your order.

Yes you can! All plans other than our 128MB options can be upgraded via the Client Area. Please see this article for more information.

Yes, we offer additional IP addresses with valid justification. IPs can be requested via support ticket. Bulk pricing available for IPv4.

Our servers are managed by the popular SolusVM control panel system. You have full control over your VPS with SolusVM and SSH, plus out of band serial/VNC access. vehicula lacinia. Proin adipiscing porta tellus, ut feugiat nibh adipiscing sit amet.

Unfortunately, due to bad experience in past our services are not eligible for any money back guarantee.

Our service is free of contract, you can cancel at any time you want. In case of non-payment we will suspend/terminate service.

You have full control over your service and you can install any service/programs you wish onto the server however it has to be in acccordiance with our Terms and conditions.

By default we do not block any ports however in certain cases we may put limitations on our machines to protect our infrastructure being used for spam or abuse.

We use variety of CPU's such us Intel E3,E5, i7 series however it is possible we use other CPU types on some locations.

As you have full control over your service and SSH access we are only responsible for network and hardware faults on our end not the ones caused by client or any software run on the VPS.